BYTEGRID Business Growth Signals Maryland Emergence as a Key Hosting Destination

Internet Exchange, Power Grid Diversity, and Compliant-grade, Tier 4 Facility Fueling an Alternative to "Data Center Alley"

SILVER SPRING, MD, February 4, 2015– BYTEGRID Holdings LLC, a provider of multi-tenant data centers, today announced new customer wins with Maryland-based businesses who chose BYTEGRID's flagship Silver Spring data center for compliant-grade IT infrastructure and colocation hosting services.

In less than three years, BYTEGRID has become the largest Maryland data center Internet exchange with over ten (10) connectivity partners which are now available to all of BYTEGRID's enterprise and government customers. In addition, other connectivity partners plan to expand within BYTEGRID's facility throughout 2015.

Washington Works is a Bethesda-based IT and cloud services provider that chose BYTEGRID as the IT infrastructure platform supporting its cloud-based disaster recovery services for small and midsize businesses.

"Security and availability is paramount for our customers," said John Mucciardi, Washington Works President. "BYTEGRID is an impressive, purpose built facility with literally no history of downtime. BYTEGRID's high-performance, abundant connectivity and central location all represent a compelling alternative to moving my customers out-of-state to data centers located in Loudon County, Virginia."

NGEN, a Largo-based IT outsourcing company focused on the commercial mid-market, federal, state and local government, also recently chose BYTEGRID to host the NGEN Private Cloud. NGEN provides innovative IT infrastructure, network, and offsite backup and disaster recovery services to customers such as health care companies, law firms, architecture firms, federal, state and local government, and non-profit organizations.

"We found BYTEGRID to be in a totally different class than other hosting providers we had worked with," said Terry Speigner, President & CEO. "BYTEGRID's proven operations team, prime location in the heart of the White Oak Sciences Gateway in Silver Spring, and willingness to provide value added services around our colocation environment allows us to optimize our service delivery in ways we had not imagined."

AddLogx is a cloud and software defined networks advisory firm that enables commercial and government organizations to streamline cloud migrations and OpenStack development while improving the cloud readiness of enterprise applications. AddLogx also provides Private Cloud Lab services serving the Americas, local universities and technology partners. AddLogx chose BYTEGRID as the IT infrastructure platform powering the initial launch of its Riverbed SteelCentral, Splunk private cloud service built on OpenStack and VMware.

"As a Cloud Advisory firm, the IT Infrastructure underpinning our business is just as important as the software, APIs and applications we develop for clients," said Michael Matos, CEO, AddLogx. "BYTEGRID's flagship Silver Spring data center has quickly established itself as the foundation of our operations and an important contributor to the economic vitality of Maryland's business landscape."

BYTEGRID is also drawing the attention of Maryland's research and education community. Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX), a multi-state optical transport network operated by the University of Maryland operates a TeraPoP in BYTEGRID's Silver Spring facility that enables 100 gigabit network throughput required by research & development, higher education and Federal Government agencies. Together, BYTEGRID and MAX deliver a powerful new solution integrating network connectivity, throughput, and data center space for those requiring ultra-high performance, security, and compliant-grade IT infrastructure that will play a key role in advancing Maryland's cyberinfrastructure.

Strategically located within the metro Washington, D.C. data center market, BYTEGRID's flagship Silver Spring data center is the largest multi-tenant data center in Maryland featuring 214,000 sq. ft. of data center space and over 90,000 sq. ft. of raised floor. It features redundant power supply systems, providing a total of nine (9) megawatts of critical load power, twenty-two (22) megawatts of on-site power generation and cooling in a concurrent maintainability and fault tolerance design, with future planned expansions to double critical load power capacity.

To protect its customers' mission-critical applications and data, BYTEGRID's Tier 4 data center infrastructure and ultra-high security meets NIST FISMA, and GSA Interagency Security Committee standards and network grid connectivity criteria.