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Compliant Hosting Solutions

Cloud Migration Planning

All successful cloud deployments take experience and planning. Migrating existing implementations can be an even bigger challenge. Organizations can move to the Cloud with confidence by trusting migration to ByteGrid. Our team of professionals uses the experience from the successful migration of thousands of machines in hundreds of client environments to minimize downtime and reduce the risk to data and environments during migration.

Our four-step process moves organizations to the Cloud — quickly and securely.

  1. Synchronize - Data is securely transmitted to ByteGrid without any changes to source environment. Rollback is available at any time.
  2. Monitor - Implementation is attentively monitored to ensure there is no impact on business-critical production environments.
  3. Test - Once an organization’s environment is 100% synched to the target environment, we provide full and dedicated access for final testing and analysis. Upon customer satisfaction, we coordinate a Cloud migration cutover schedule.
  4. Go Live - After the environment and test results are completed, cutover can take place


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