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Compliant Hosting Solutions

Managed Security

ByteGrid’s Security Management Console

ByteGrid’s mission is to provide a full array of products for our clients to quickly identify and mitigate network threats, detect security and compliance concerns and protect against the increasingly levels of cyber-attacks.

One single console to oversee security gives ByteGrid the ability to manage both compliance and threats on our clients’ Cloud deployments. With compliant hosting and audit readiness our primary focus, we are able to deliver on intelligently detecting, analyzing, prioritizing, and alerting on new and emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

The ByteGrid Difference

With technology evolving rapidly, compliance mandates strengthening and our clients technology needs exploding, we are committed to providing the very best security management and monitoring available.

Try our Fully Managed Security Solution to protect your cloud deployment.

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5 Essential Security Capabilities to Ensure Protection

Asset Discovery
  • ByteGrid clients will always know who and what is connected to their network.
  • Active Network Scanning
  • Passive Network Monitoring
  • Asset Inventory
  • Software Inventory
Vulnerability Assessment
  • Focus on risks that truly matter to your business & identify what systems you have that are vulnerable to attack.
  • Network Vulnerability Testing
  • Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring
Intrusion Detection (IDS)
  • Inspect traffic between devices not just at the edge and correlate events from IDS/IPS in a single console.
  • Network IDS
  • Host IDS
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
Behavioral Monitoring
  • Spot suspicious behavior and systems that can be potentially compromised.
  • Netflow Analysis
  • Service Availability Monitoring
  • Full packet capture
  • SIEM is built into the USM system so we can correlate & analyze security event data across your cloud deployment.
  • Log Management
  • Event Correlation
  • Incident Response
  • Reporting and Alarms

For more information on managed security, please contact us or call 855.495.0098.



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