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Compliant Hosting Solutions

Offsite Backup

The Ultimate in Server Protection

Are you doing everything you can to protect your information? While ByteGrid local backup and recovery offers critical protection against a mistakenly deleted file or from a server crash, it can’t protect against fire, flood or theft. To survive those onslaughts means investing in a redundant offsite strategy in addition to local backup.

Fortunately, there’s a better solution: ByteGrid offsite backup for ByteGrid Servers, Managed Servers and Colocation clients. The ByteGrid solution is a completely managed, fast, secure and cost-efficient offsite data protection service. This subscription service, offers the benefits of a dedicated remote datacenter providing backup & recovery redundancy without the high price tag.

Unlike other online backup services, ByteGrid Backup does more than just protect your files. It leverages industry leading software Commvault® to capture files as well as server operating systems and applications. Backups are stored online in a remote, secure location, fully secured via government-grade encryption. It’s highly cost effective because you only pay one flat rate per machine for the online protection you need.



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