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Compliant Hosting Solutions

FedRAMP Ready Cloud

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The FedRAMP Ready Designation

The FedRAMP Ready designation demonstrates that ByteGrid’s operational security capabilities meet FedRAMP requirements. FedRAMP Ready is the first phase in a three-phase process to attain an authorization to operate (ATO). It means that a 3PAO has audited the controls that ByteGrid has in place and has issued a report that was accepted by the FedRAMP PMO.

ByteGrid’s FedRAMP Ready Solution

The ByteGrid IaaS Platform is a secure, compliant storage and compute private cloud infrastructure for Federal Agencies. The ByteGrid IaaS Platform consists of:

  • Firewalls
  • Switches
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Network Appliances
  • Virtualization Software 
  • Anti-Virus/Security Servers
  • Centralized Logging Systems

All of these components together comprise a private cloud environment suitable for all sizes of federal entities. The core makeup of the cloud is built to a specification that is easily scalable for smaller or much larger enterprise cloud computing needs.

A significant feature of the ByteGrid IaaS Platform is that the hardware, security and compliance framework is setup to meet the needs of many different agencies with FedRAMP requirements.

ByteGrid’s Compliant Infrastructure

ByteGrid’s FedRAMP solution is based on our proprietary Quality Management System and compliance framework – a proven set of processes that we use to consistently meet a wide range stringent regulatory requirements. Federal agencies can partner with ByteGrid to leverage our compliance processes and achieve an ATO. Our mature QMS also lets us help our customers achieve FedRAMP or FISMA compliance for their unique solutions. Our underlying infrastructure, policies and procedures conform to NIST 800:53, and we can configure our customers’ solutions specific to their business needs, and in compliance with FedRAMP requirements. What’s more, we can help with all of the supporting documentation – one of the most important and difficult aspects of FedRAMP compliance.

FedRAMP Authorization Process

ByteGrid’s FedRAMP Ready designation shows that we’ve put the basic pieces in place for FedRAMP compliance. We’re ready to partner with a Federal agency to obtain an ATO. Our documentation package is in place and is ready for submission, and it can be customized to specific agency requirements.



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