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Object Storage Solutions

Meet Storage Challenges with ByteGrid’s industry leading Object Storage Solution

object storageByteGrid's Object Storage is a scalable, secure, cost effective storage solution for large quantities of data — including unstructured data. It offers instant, self-service access to storage capacity that scales up as you need it. You can store and manage unprecedented amounts of data and even build cloud applications that are scalable without having to predict how much storage you need.

Object Storage is accessible via the Internet, enabling you to connect to it from anywhere, anytime and on any device. It can be used in combination with traditional clouds or on-premise infrastructure to elastically expand your storage capacity, creating a hybrid storage environment.

  • With ByteGrid Object Storage, you can scale with practically infinite capacity. This makes it ideal for archiving and backing up massive quantities of data and storing large public or private data sets like online files and media and even patient information with regulatory requirements for retention.
  • ByteGrid uses erasure coding to provide the redundancy needed to protect your data against failures, such as disk array failure in the most cost-efficient way. Data is passed into smaller fragments that are encoded with redundant data pieces and stored across multiple ByteGrid enterprise-class data centers, giving Object Storage its self-healing capability. Distributing copies of data across storage nodes provides a measure of data protection; distributing them geographically enhances business continuity and scale for cloud-enabled applications.
Easy to Access
  • Object Storage makes data available via an HTTPS interface so it can be easily accessed from any device. It's also backed by ByteGrid's industry-leading SLA, offering 99.999% uptime guarantee. It's certified with Commvault and other Amazon S3 API compatible products. Data can be encrypted at rest and in transit ensuring security always. ByteGrid's data centers also incorporate a number of security protocols and processes to help ensure the security of the services they power — including Object Storage.

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