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Compliant Hosting Solutions

DDos Protection

DDoSDisruptions to Internet-facing services due to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can cripple operations, impact customers and result in major economic losses.  The ByteGrid DDoS threat defense system is an intelligent, always on service that inspects traffic, detects threats and blocks DDoS attacks targeting protected resources.  
This cutting edge DDoS service is a "first-line-of-defense" approach, that prevents network and service outages due to DDoS attacks by inspecting traffic and blocking attacks in real-time, while leaving good traffic uninterrupted.  
The DDoS protection system gives complete visibility into DDoS attacks and cyber threats so that the ByteGrid SOC (Security Operations Center) will be notified in real-time.  The ByteGrid SOC can then take actions mitigating additional risks, thus preventing other attacks. DDoS is often utilized as a distraction for high-value breaches and having sophisticated insight into these attacks becomes crucial for understanding what is really happening in the network, identifying and omitting malicious activity.
Part of this DDoS SECaaS (Security as a Service) is our proactive SOC that works to develop and enforce ever-changing policies to mitigate against DDoS traffic with line-rate performance and maximum security. 


For more information on our DDoS, please contact us or call 855.495.0098.



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