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Compliant Hosting Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Cloud websizeSome companies just need the flexibility to use cloud infrastructure in conjunction with existing legacy servers or applications. This can be achieved by utilizing multiple platforms – mix our colocation space at any of our data center facilities, with our private or public cloud options. We are one of the only managed hosting companies that can offer a true hybrid cloud to clients.

What is suited to the Hybrid Cloud?

ByteGrid’s Hybrid Cloud solutions are ideal for companies that:

  • Need to protect data while delivering publicly available websites and applications
  • Use applications that require hardware specific elements
  • Want to explore the flexibility and scalability of the public cloud to test or prototype while protecting core applications and websites in a dedicated or colocation environment

ByteGrid is responsible for maintaining the servers, storage, network, and application infrastructure across the Hybrid Cloud solution. Application and web servers, as well as load balancers reside in the Private Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud. Other elements such as Managed Dedicated Servers or collocated servers are connected via dedicated VLAN to the Cloud infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions come with:

  • SLA
  • High availability
  • Advanced Data Encryption
  • Shared Firewall
  • DR Backup available

ByteGrid Hybrid Hosting leverages the best features of multiple platform deployments while providing your business with the ultimate in scalability, reliability and performance. Give your company a complete, cost effective solution.

For more information on hybrid cloud hosting, please contact us or call 855.495.0098.



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