HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting

A growing number of healthcare companies are using ByteGrid’s HIPAA compliant cloud hosting to keep PHI safe and secure. ByteGrid’s fully equipped compliant data centers meet any company’s compliance goals – our staff are highly qualified and we are third-party audited by EHNAC for an extra level of dedication and transparency.

At ByteGrid, we take compliance very seriously. We don’t just say we are compliant. We can show you exactly how we meet the regulations we are aligned with. Come and audit any of our data centers for yourself. No other data center can demonstrate HIPAA compliant hosting like ByteGrid. We want you to feel at ease that our team of experts has your PHI protected.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting The cloud solutions that are appropriate in the HIPAA regulated space include:

  • Community Cloud
  • The ByteGrid HIPAA qualified Community Cloud is the most cost-effective way for small or start up Healthcare Companies to take advantage of our compliant enterprise class infrastructure. With the Community Cloud, infrastructure is shared with other companies that have the same HIPAA security and compliance requirements. Web, file, database and application servers, email servers, content management systems, testing or development servers, or other regulated applications or software are all suited to the Community Cloud.
  • Private Cloud
  • Healthcare companies with very specific high demand resources can run their applications in a Private Cloud. All resources are completely dedicated to one company, and are entirely customizable. ByteGrid’s Private Cloud Solutions are ideal for HIPAA regulated companies that deliver Software as a Service and for companies that provide or host Healthcare solutions and records.
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • The ByteGrid HIPAA qualified Virtual Private Cloud is for healthcare companies with specific data uses, which require server and firewall customization or precise hardware requirements. The Virtual Private Cloud gives our customers the opportunity to customize access and setting all the way down to the VMware console. Healthcare applications (EMR or EHR), database software, companies that need data separation, and customers with specific requirements for firewall are all suited to the Virtual Private Cloud. ByteGrid’s Virtual Private Cloud Solutions are optimal for HIPAA regulated companies that deliver software as a service and for companies that provide or host healthcare solutions and records.
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • The ByteGrid Hybrid Cloud gives Healthcare companies the flexibility of utilizing our regulated cloud(s) in conjunction with legacy serves and applications. ByteGrid’s HIPAA Compliant Hybrid Cloud solutions are ideal for companies that need to protect company or customer data while delivering publicly available websites and applications, employ applications that require hardware specific elements, and want to explore the flexibility and scalability of the public cloud to test or prototype while protecting core applications and websites. ByteGrid is in charge of maintaining the servers, storage, network, and application infrastructure across the Hybrid Cloud solution.


For more information on HIPAA compliant cloud hosting, please contact us or call 855.495.0098.