PCI Compliant Colocation

According to PrivacyRights.org, hackers have breached more than 510 million records with sensitive information since January 2005. This statistic shows the enormity of this serious problem.  

As a merchant who relies on payment card transactions, you face the peril of cybercrime every day. But how can you mitigate this risk to avoid costly breaches?  

How You Can Make Your Business PCI Compliant  

First, you mustidentify, and evaluate, vulnerabilities in:  

Then, you must implement standard security procedures and technologies to prevent data theft. You can best protect cardholder data when you and your service providers comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS).  

All merchants who accept and process payment cards must comply with PCI DSS. This global data security standard involves several security best practices.  

ByteGrid’s PCI Compliant Colocation Solutions – the Easiest Way to Maintain Data in a Secure Environment  

If you fail to comply with PCI compliance standards, you face crippling penalties. When you put your customers' and employees' sensitive information at risk, you damage your reputation. You can also incur huge monthly fines and increased transaction fees from your financial institution.

Given what’s at stake, you need a compliant colocation provider that understands PCI standards and can help you protect cardholder data and achieve compliance.  

When you partner with ByteGrid, you work with a proven compliant colocation provider well versed in PCI DSS compliance requirements. We commit the necessary resources to achieve the highest quality of management, security, availability, and control over PCI DSS regulated data.  

ByteGrid’s PCI compliant colocation solution helps your business:  

Protect your Organization with PCI Compliant Colocation  

ByteGrid dedicates ample resources to safeguarding your customer data. Each year third-party organizations conduct independent audits to verify we comply with several standards including PCI DSS. You can be sure you're in capable hands. 

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