Managed Hosting Services

Let us help design, build and manage your validated cloud environment.


What is ByteGrid Managed Compliant Hosting?

With our managed compliant hosting, we save you time by offering the services you need to help you design, build and manage your cloud platform. Further, we do all the infrastructure validation work to ensure you satisfy regulatory obligation.

With our Managed Compliant hosting you get:

controlControl - All ByteGrid Cloud Managed servers come with a choice of easy-to-use control panels that put you in charge of your users, email, databases and websites.

powerPower – ByteGrid Managed servers are deployed on robust VMware cloud platforms that utilize enterprise-class Intel Xeon Processors, RAID data protection and more.

flexibilityFlexibility - ByteGrid Managed Cloud Servers provide you with the greatest degree of customization of your server including RAM, disk drives, backups, firewalls, and more. ByteGrid supports both Linux and Windows based environments.

securitySecurity - Firewalls, state of the art virus and intrusion protection, server monitoring, and SSL technology all ensure your cloud server is protected with the highest levels of security.

installationInfrastructure Qualification – ByteGrid performs the infrastructure qualification to ensure alignment with regulations specifically for your implementation.

savemoneyFuture Proof - With a Managed server from ByteGrid you will never have to buy expensive hardware or software again.

How We Help

Design Your

Our experienced team is here to talk to you and learn about your business and the IT solutions you need. We will help you design the solution to fit your company today and for the future. The beauty of a cloud solution means that you can grow your infrastructure as needed with little interruption. For compliance, our regulatory team will talk with you to assess what regulations you must satisfy and provide you with a tailored validation package. Rest assured we will design the compliant infrastructure that is right for your company.

Build and validate your infrastructure

Once we have customized the right solution for you, our team will build and validate it. It will have all your requested software and security set up as well as any other tools or services needed so you can get on with business. For validation, our team will perform the IQ and OQ's agreed upon to meet regulatory obligations.

Manage your
platform everyday

Once we have designed, built and validated your compliant hosting solution our team will then keep it monitored and continuously up and running. Our Support team consists of Network Engineers and Regulatory Assurance Specialists to focus on keeping your servers in the validated state required. Our easy to use support system is there to help manage this - as our team of professionals is located in our owned and operated facility, you can rest assured that the people you speak with are the same team who helped build and validate it.

For more information on managed hosting services, please contact us or call 855.495.0098.