Maryland CATS Information

Data Services and Web Solutions Master Contractor for Maryland CATS


ByteGrid Holdings, LLC, "ByteGrid" has been approved in the following areas as identified in the
Consulting and Technical Services (CATS) Project No. 060B9800035:

Functional Area One - Enterprise Service Provider

ByteGrid has years of experience in designing information systems which capitalize on agency architectures and State IT standards that provide interoperability with other systems and networks.

Functional Area Two - Web and Internet Systems

ByteGrid has designed hundreds of effective solutions for both commercial and governmental organizations.

Functional Area Three - Electronic Document Management

During 2002 and 2003, ByteGrid designed, built and implemented a complex Document Management System for the United States Marine Corps. Maintenance Depot. This system provided rapid retrieval, organization and administrative control in managing 10's of thousands of diverse documents.

Functional Area Five - Software Engineering

ByteGrid has years of experience in successfully providing a full life cycle of a software system development.

Functional Area Six - Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance

Since 2003, ByteGrid has built, owns and manages two data centers located in Annapolis, Maryland and Cumberland, Maryland and is currently under contract with Anne Arundel County and the State of Maryland (through a prime contractor) to manage data center activities for a variety of systems.

Functional Area Seven - Information System Security

ByteGrid, through our data center operations, has created and executed multiple disaster recovery programs for past and current clients.

Functional Area Eight - Application Service Provider

This is a core expertise for ByteGrid. Over the past 6 years, Bytegrid has executed projects involving the combinations of software, hardware and networking technologies to offer hosted service-based applications. ByteGrid currently hosts over 600 application servers for clients in governmental agencies and commercial companies.

Functional Area Ten - IT Management Consulting Services

ByteGrid has experience in developing IT enterprise architecture, systems processes for architectural consistency, strategic planning assistance, project management services, contractor assessments and risk assessment analysis.

Functional Area Eleven - Business Process Consulting Services

ByteGrid has experience in streamlining business processes and the development, implementation and support of process improvements to eliminate redundancy and increase productivity and reduce cost.

Functional Area Seventeen - Documentation/Technical Writing

Develop and/or maintain the following types of documentation: system documentation; user manuals; computer operations and program maintenance manuals; plans for training, testing, quality assurance, and contingency operations; and backup, recovery and restart procedures; technical writing for proposals, presentations, standard operating procedures (SOP), and policies and procedures.

ByteGrid Services

Take advantage of ByteGrid's extensive experience in the folowing areas:

Web Services

Data Center

Built to Telco Carrier grade specifications, the ByteGrid data center is designed with the following features to ensure both superior reliability and the ulimate in speed and performance:

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