Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud websizeWith ByteGrid's Validated Private Cloud Hosting, Healthcare and Life Sciences companies with very specific high demand resources can run their applications in a Private Cloud. With a Private Cloud Hosting, all resources are completely dedicated to one company - CPU, RAM Storage, Firewall, VLAN – everything is dedicated to the client and entirely customizable, including tailoring access and settings all the way down to the VMware console.

What is suited to the Private Cloud?

ByteGrid's Validated Private Cloud Hosting Solutions are ideal for FDA and HIPPA regulated companies that:

Dedicated environments offered with Private Clouds are a perfect fit for clients with predictable hardware requirements that need high availability, stability, and redundancy and must meet strict compliance standards.

ByteGrid maintains the servers, storage, network, hypervisor and cloud management infrastructure.

While keeping your mission-critical applications always up and running, the Private Cloud Hosting helps you consolidate hardware, better leverage IT resources, and lower costs.

All our Private Cloud Solutions servers come with:

  • SLA
  • High availability
  • Dedicated Firewall
  • Risk Assessment
  • DR Backup available
  • SSL
  • VPN
  • IQ/OQ of infrastructure to satisfy regulatory obligations
  • Audit support
  • Quality Manual

For more information on private cloud hosting, please contact us or call 855.495.0098.