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SirenMD bytegrid

McLean, VA – February 16, 2017 — ByteGrid Holdings LLC, which is dedicated to providing the most secure and HIPAA compliant hosting solutions available, is excited to announce that Miami-based care coordination and telehealth communication platform SirenMD has selected ByteGrid for its highly secure and compliant hosting and data center solutions. 

SirenMD is a care coordination and medical practice collaboration platform designed to increase the quality, efficiency, and timeliness of medical decisions. The platform enables caregivers to access remote experts, colleagues and clinical information systems to effectively collaborate and prioritize their time, and its workflows are organized by case leveraging integration and data sharing with EHRs to optimize their decision making and clinical actions. Through its interoperable, multimedia, telemedicine application, SirenMD facilitates coordinated communication between caregivers and patient advocates using mobile and web systems.

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Whatever type of data center solution you may be looking for—hosting, colocation, cloud hosting, managed services, application hosting, or a hybrid solution—ByteGrid is your one-stop shop for offering HIPAA compliant data center services.

ByteGrid offers both computer and software compliance and validation services, in addition to hosting data.

Validated cloud

If you’re considering a cloud hosting solution for your protected health information, ByteGrid offers many types of cloud hosting options, from private to community clouds and even hybrid clouds. Rest assured that our HIPAA compliant cloud hosting is designed to meet or exceed HIPAA regulations and safeguards.

HIPAA compliant hosting

ByteGrid provides different forms of HIPAA compliant hosting that is suited to address a wide range of compliance needs. We offer both managed compliant hosting and managed compliant colocation hosting, depending on your needs. We also have solutions for medical device data hosting and validated SharedPoint. Whatever your needs, ByteGrid can accommodate.

Application hosting

If you provide Software as a Service or an application that deal with electronic Protected Health Information in any form, ByteGrid has a compliant hosting plan to meet your needs. We’ve got you covered.

The ByteGrid difference

Unlike other compliant data centers, ByteGrid is one of the few that is EHNAC accredited, meaning we’ve been rigorously tested by EHNAC’s independent, federally recognized, and nonprofit accreditation organization who found measurable evidence that all of our data centers adhere to HIPAA requirements.

Plan a tour of one of ByteGrid’s HIPAA compliant data centers. Our EHNAC accreditation notwithstanding, you’ll notice immediately what sets our HIPAA compliant data center services apart from others.

For more information about our HIPAA Compliant Data Center Services, please contact us or call 855.495.0098.

Do you know what to look for when evaluating HIPAA compliant data centers? ByteGrid is dedicated to providing you with a transparent process for evaluating our compliance efforts. To help you, we’ve created a handy HIPAA compliance checklist to ensure the data centers you’re considering are truly HIPAA compliant.

EHNAC Accreditation

The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) uses quantifiable criteria to evaluate an organization’s conformance to regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Since the HHS does not certify an organization for HIPAA compliance, the EHNAC accreditation is federally recognized as the standards development organization and accrediting body.

Business Association Agreement (BAA)

A data center provider’s willingness to sign a BAA is a must. A BAA is a legally binding contract between your organization and a data center to ensure they meet the safeguards necessary to protect health information.

A BAA is a compliance requirement that also protects your business. A BAA ensures that your data center will implement the measures necessary to protect your business interests and your protected health information.

Administrative, Physical & Technical Safeguards

HIPAA data center compliance covers the application of administrative, physical, and technical safeguards required by HIPAA.

For easy-to-read tables of evidence you should request from a data center to show its customers and auditors as proof of compliance, download a copy of our comprehensive e-book “HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud.”

Specific Questions

Here are the most essential questions to ask a data center when evaluating its HIPAA compliance measures.

  • Do they have documented policies and procedures? 
  • Have they carried out a risk assessment? 
  • Have they implemented risk control measures? 
  • Have they qualified their system to ensure it meets regulatory and technical requirements? 
  • Can they supply evidence of compliance to HIPAA security standards? 
  • Do they have a full time regulatory staff, as well as technical staff? 

The ByteGrid Difference

ByteGrid can answer “yes” to all of the above questions, including EHNAC accreditation, signed BAAs, and the administrative, physical, and technical safeguards necessary to comply with HIPAA.

Our HIPAA compliant data centers are built specifically for regulatory compliance. Our team of professionals has years of experience helping regulated clients get the systems they need, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 

Visit one of our data centers today to see the ByteGrid difference and proof of compliance first hand.

HIPAA certification is a myth

Some data center providers assert they are HIPAA compliant and “certified.” Be wary of claims by any organizations like “HIPAA certified data center.” There are no HIPAA certifications; rather, there is an independent, federally recognized, nonprofit organization that assesses and accredits organizations who electronically exchange healthcare data.

EHNAC accreditation is the guideline

This organization is the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), and it provides an evaluation process for quality and compliance of healthcare data systems and the companies that manage them. EHNAC is federally recognized as a standards development organization.

EHNAC states it is “recognized for its quality of process, conformance with federal and key state healthcare reform legislative mandates, best practices, and value of its consultative on-site review/audits and recommendations.”

Check with EHNAC for accreditation standings

You can check to see if a data center provider is EHNAC accredited by visiting their website You can search an alphabetical listing of organizations that have received full accreditation, like ByteGrid, or other status levels, like Interim, Candidate, and Provisional.

Data centers are accredited under EHNAC’s OSAP segment (Outsourced Services Accreditation Program). They evaluate such services as Network Administration, Data Center Operations, Call Center Operations, Disaster Recovery Services, Media Storage, Printing Services, Scanning Services, Product Development, and HIE services.

The ByteGrid difference

This is as close to HIPAA certification as a data center can get. ByteGrid is one of the few HIPAA compliant data center providers to achieve EHNAC accreditation. When you visit one of our HIPAA compliant data centers, you’ll notice immediately our dedication to measurable proof of quality and compliance for each client.

Whatever type of data center solution you may be looking for—hosting, colocation, cloud hosting, managed services, or a hybrid solution—ByteGrid has the physical, technical, and compliance safeguards in place to help you achieve HIPAA compliance.

If you’ve been searching for a HIPAA compliant data center, visit one of ByteGrid’s compliant data center locations. You’ll notice right away what sets us apart from all the others.

A full array of HIPAA compliant data storage solutions for your mission critical data.

ByteGrid’s fully compliant data center facilities are designed to specifically meet your HIPAA compliant data storage requirements. These high density, Tier III/IV data centers offer everything from IT infrastructure to colocation and a variety of cloud hosting options.

ByteGrid owns and operates each data center.

This means we have complete control over compliance at all of our data center facilities. Your PHI is safe in maximum security data centers in multiple locations and protected by 24/7 security personnel. In fact, we’re one of the only data center providers that is ENHAC accredited.

4 nationwide locations secure your data.

Located in IllinoisWashington, and Maryland, your data is stored in multiple HIPAA compliant data center locations in real time in case of natural disasters, breach, or other loss. Backup servers provide redundancy, while redundant cooling and power systems provide the uptime you need in times of disaster.

The ByteGrid difference.

When you visit our facilities, you’ll notice ByteGrid’s approach to HIPAA compliant data storage as an ongoing responsibility. Our highly skilled and experienced IT experts work around the clock 365 days a year to stay ahead of potential threats. You get the peace of mind knowing that we worry about your data security 24/7 so you don’t have to.

For more information about our HIPAA Compliant Data Centers, please contact us or call 855.495.0098.



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