EHNAC Accredited HIPAA Hosting

Measurable proof of quality and compliance

What is EHNAC?

The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) is an independent, federally recognized, non-profit organization whose purpose is assessing and accrediting organizations that electronically exchange healthcare data, using meaningful standard criteria. Governed by stakeholders from the public and private sectors, and staffed with veteran healthcare industry subject matter experts, EHNAC provides a consistent, comprehensive process for evaluating the quality and compliance of healthcare data systems and the companies that manage them.

What does EHNAC accreditation mean?

EHNAC accreditation criteria are based on regulatory requirements and established best practices. In order to achieve accreditation, a company undergoes a multi-phased process of evaluation during which they must demonstrate that they comply with the requirements of the specific accreditation program that applies to them. The results of the evaluation are quantified, and a company must achieve a specific minimum score in order to achieve accreditation. This means that an EHNAC-accredited organization has measurable evidence of how well they adhere to HIPAA requirements.

Is my HIPAA hosting provider EHNAC accredited?

The EHNAC website provides a regularly updated list of organizations that have achieved accreditation. You can easily filter the list to show OSAP accredited datacenters.

ByteGrid is the leading provider of HIPAA compliant hosting solutions. Our EHNAC accreditation is proof of our commitment to quality and compliance for regulated data systems.

How does ENHAC accredited HIPAA hosting help you?

If you're evaluating HIPAA hosting providers, EHNAC's OSAP accreditation offers objective evidence that a HIPAA hosting supplier is capable of supplying this service consistently. If you're seeking EHNAC accreditation yourself, then partnering with a HIPAA hosting provider who's already achieved this will save some of the costs associated with your own accreditation process, and put you a step closer to achieving that goal. Most importantly, an EHNAC accreditation assures you that your HIPAA compliant hosting provider has the right systems in place to ensure the availability, privacy, security and confidentiality of ePHI.

Who can apply for EHNAC accreditation?

There are several EHNAC accreditation programs, each covering a specific sector of the healthcare data industry. Companies across the healthcare spectrum can seek accreditation, including healthcare providers, billing companies, health information exchanges and HIPAA compliant datacenters.



eBook – HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

How are HIPAA hosting providers evaluated?

The EHNAC Outsourced Supplier Accreditation Program (OSAP) is specifically designed to assess service providers in the healthcare data industry. HIPAA compliant hosting providers are evaluated under the OSAP Data Center subprogram. This program uses extensive evaluation criteria ranging from specific security measures to service level agreements. A HIPAA hosting provider must be found compliant in each area in order to become accredited.

Some OSAP Accreditation Requirements for HIPAA Hosting Providers

  • Firewalls
  • Network security
  • Restricted database access
  • Site security
  • Internet intrusion detection
  • Documented policies and procedures
  • System availability
  • Capacity monitoring
  • Risk assessment
  • Staff training records

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