Selecting a Compliant Data Center Partner

Making the Right Choice:
How to Select a Compliant Data Center Partner

ByteGrid is dedicated to providing our regulated customers with compliant data centers solutions that offers the security, transparency, performance, service and control over your data that regulated businesses require. Compare us to other hosting providers and discover the superiority of our solution.

Datacenter Selection

When comparing cloud hosting vendors, there are 4 important categories you should consider before making your choice:

Cloud Capacity

  • Does the cloud vendor have the infrastructure capacity to support your application?
  • What is its current capacity for bandwidth, compute and storage resources?
  • What is the vendor's plan for expansion of resources? What reserve threshold triggers an expansion?
  • How many sites does the vendor operate and what capacity resources are available at these sites?
  • Does the vendor operate its own facilities or is its infrastructure collocated in another vendor's facility?

Regulatory Qualifications

  • Does the vendor currently support clients that are within a FDA or HIPAA regulated vertical?
  • Does the vendor maintain an active quality system that can flow through to the client?
  • Are clients notified of infrastructure and operational changes at the datacenter infrastructure level?
  • Does the vendor maintain change management and quality management duties at the client solution level?
  • What is the audit history of the vendor? Have they been audited by a third party for a relevant regulatory structure and will they provide audit support for you?


  • Does the vendor provide the engineering support that is needed to design and effectively operate your solution within your performance goals?
  • What proactive monitoring is in place for performance issues and who is notified?
  • What types of resources are available on-demand? DBA, Network, Security Engineers?


  • Will the vendor provide unfettered access to quality system documentation?
  • Does the vendor make training and maintenance documents available?
  • Will the vendor support audits by your clients?
  • Will the vendor share disaster recovery plans?

It is important to remember that whoever you choose to select as your compliant data center partner, they must be able to answer all of these questions to meet either FDA and HIPAA compliance standards. ByteGrid's comprehensive quality system approach allows its clients to concentrate on their core business while still meeting their regulatory obligations.

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