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Compliant Hosting Solutions

Managed Dedicated Firewalls

A properly managed firewall is a critical part of a Validated hosting solution, unprotected servers are vulnerable to online attacks, leading to downtime or a compromise of data. All firewalls provided by ByteGrid are dedicated physical or virtual machines that protect the clients validated hosting solution.

How does a firewall work?

A firewall may allow all traffic through unless it meets certain criteria, or it may deny all traffic unless it meets certain criteria. ByteGrid managed firewall services are setup and managed by ByteGrid engineers with settings customized to each client's specific needs.

  • Inspects each individual "packet" of data as it arrives at the firewall - both inbound and outbound.
  • Determines the packets source and destination (the respective IP and Port) and compares this to a set of rules that determine whether the packet is to be forwarded to the destination or dropped.
  • Rules can be configured to specify what ports on their server should be accessible to which source

Managed dedicated firewalls from ByteGrid include:

  • Juniper physical hardware and VMware virtual appliances for reliability and performance
  • Dedicated firewalls, customized to suit your organization
  • Keeping public traffic and private data separate
  • Port filtering functionality to block unwanted traffic
  • Expert management services from CISSP certified engineers

For more information on dedicated firewalls, please contact us or call 855.495.0098.



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